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We Are Ubiquity Robotics!

100 kg payload delivered on an aerospace aluminum chassis
Mobile in any wheelchair accessible space
Navigation, compute, mobility and power works out of the box
Can be customized to fit your disinfection needs
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Get to your robot application 2 years faster.

How long would it take you to design, implement, and test a system with payload, navigation, mobility, compute and power?

That’s what you save with Magni.



Powerful motors and a solid chasis - carries up to 100kg (220lbs)

Despite its low price this machine comes with power and possibility you can’t get for less than triple the price. This robot can carry people - so whatever tools or apparatus you want to put on it the answer is most likely ‘Yes, you can’.

On-board power supply for your own applications or tools

If you put a power-driven gadget or tool on the robot’s platform it’ll need power. Which it will have because there’s a power supply on board that will make almost anything work.

Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu and ROS

The raspberry pi is a surprisingly powerful compute platform and is more than capable of doing sophisticated image processing, while managing our navigation stack with plenty to spare to run your application. Not only is it a powerful processor - it does all of its compute on a tiny power budget - that enables a long battery life that enables your robot to run for hours and hours.

They come out of the box almost fully-formed. Navigation, computation, mobility and power is already working. Your robot awaits only your ideas and instructions.

Our robots are mobile, flexible and beautiful! But they serve serious, real-world needs too.

Specifically, they help people like you turn ideas, imaginings and possibilities into solid reality.

And this matters. Because innovation officers and technology creatives simply must produce new things if their job title is to mean something.

Our robots as part of your company culture

You are a vital part of your company’s innovative and creation culture. Demonstrating that culture in action is the most concrete way of showing that it even exits – and of encouraging others to be bold with their ideas.

Your robots smoothly slot into that culture – helping you show anyone that matters that you’re thinking, experimenting and producing working ideas.

And they’re a part of your own career path

Robotics is no longer the future. It’s the present, the right now.

Producing working robotics applications gives you front-line exposure to robotics technology and programming – and a thorough understanding of how these machines actually work.

Don’t underestimate the power of robotics experience on your resume – and robot projects on your own product portfolio.


A world of opportunities opens up for you with a Ubiquity robot

Your fully-functioning robot features a flat platform with a carrying capacity of up to 100kg (that’s 220 pounds).

So you can attach any item, tool, holder, frame, camera, smartphone, grapple, attachment, tech item or gadget to your robot. Which means that item or gadget is now operating on a mobile platform.

Your robot learns the environment it operates in and can be programmed to go where it’s needed – and to be there when it’s needed.

Your robotics department

Ubiquity’s robot offering allows you to produce professional grade robotics outcomes but which reduces your robotics department from a team of designers, builders and programmers to… a programmer.

And not a full-time programmer, either.

So from initial idea to working application we can be looking at days or weeks – rather than the months or years that is standard for built-from-scratch machines.

All the help you need

Ubiquity’s robot team is no ordinary collection of techno experts.

Our people have worked on everything from the first ever Sun Microsystems work-stations to the Hubble Space Telescope.

They include PhDs – of course – and bring experience from Lockheed Martin, Tesla, Huawei, NASA and a wide selection of specialist high-tech firms.

Between us we have more than a hundred years of experience building robots. We love robots – and when you get yours you’ll love them too!

All the help you need

The tricky work has already been done

We programmed the first couple of million lines of code so that your robot handles every conceivable routine measurement or consideration already.

You will add the last couple of hundred lines that make your robot do exactly what you want it to do.

If you – or a colleague – have previous programming experience then adapting your knowledge to our ROS (Robot Operating System) will be straightforward.

If you’re programming with no previous programming experience of any kind then our tutorials will get you started fast. Our forums will probably answer most other questions that crop up while you’re working.

And there’s this also:



Means your robot learns its terrain and its movements from A to B can be pinpointed with centimeter accuracy. It’s significantly more accurate than GPS.

Fully self-contained

No additional apparatus required.

Unrestricted freedom of movement

No need to lay a magnetic grid first.

Intelligent movement

It gets on with its work while you get on with yours.

Collision-free movement

It knows when it’s too close… and so it stops and resumes only when it’s safe to.

You don’t have to watch over your robot while it performs its tasks.
Simply tell it what to do and it does it.

Serious, grown-up robotics adventures

Don’t let the low price fool you. This is not a toy.

This is a grown-up, programmable, mobile robot with full navigation capabilities, its own power supply, a huge payload capability that can be manipulated into whatever you want it to do.

Your results can, if needed, have real-world applications. The more you explore your robot the more possibilities you’ll uncover and the more ideas it will trigger.

And, in the process, your own skill set, experience and robotics abilities will grow enormously – opening up possibilities and new opportunities for you.



Your robot comes with a 90 day warranty with optional free-parts cover after that.


Outside of peak demand times you can have your robot in 2 weeks – probably sooner.

Your own robot is a smart move

Ubiquity’s robots offer you a unique, hands-on, working experience into the cutting edge technology of the 21st century. Robot projects are noticeable, useful and very, very impressive to everyone around you.

Once you’ve experienced your first robot success you’ll know exactly why so many other innovation officers and technology creatives love their robots.

There’s a robot here with your name on it – click below and we’ll get it on its way to you!

Meet the team

Helping those who build robots build them faster

We love building things. Members of our technical team have worked on everything from hubble to the first Sun microsystems workstations. Most of of us, have been building robots for years, some of us decades and we know what will make things faster for you.

But it isn’t just about the technology, we want to bring you a high quality robot at a terrific price, and so we have on the team deep quality, design to cost and supply chain expertise. All this means that when you get your robot you’ll be able to build what you want quickly.


David Crawley PhD

PhD Semiconductor Physics
University of Cambridge
Ex – McKinsey Operations Practice

Alan Federman PhD

Ex – NASA – World Champion
High School Robotics Mentor
Developed Robots for 30+ Years

Wayne Gramlich

President Homebrew Robotics Club
Ex – Sun Microsystems Compiler Designer

Amrit Singh

Ex Cornell, Ex Sun Microsystems
Developed High Reliability Servers

Dean Sirovica

Former VP at Huawei
Member of the Band of Angels –
Investment Group

Karen Maxwell

Ex – Toyota Quality
Ex – Cypress Supply Chain
Ex – Tesla Supply Chain

Jim Vaughan

20 Years of Experience in Vision Systems
Former FX – Pal Systems

Rohan Agrawal

Gained National Press Coverage For Robot Exploits at age 12
Bloomberg News
5/17/2019 has developed robot for 8 years

Mark Johnston

Ex Hewlett Packard
Hardware/Software embedded Developer.

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