Use Cases - What you can do with your robot


  • Video conferencing aps like skype or appear. in take on a whole new dimension when you can move around
  • This is easily achieved using a Magni and a tablet

The Robotic Cocktail Waiter

  • Magni comes with a pretrained deep neural net (DNN) that recognizes about 20 objects including people
  • DNN can be programmed to cause the robot to drive up to people to offer them drinks
  • We’ve first programmed an early version of this application in just 6.5 hours!

The Robotic Baggage Porter

  • Magnis huge payload capability enables this application
  • The robot can track your position using fiducials or through person recognition
  • After 2 days of having Magni carry your stuff you don’t want to go back!

Software and Tutorials – To get you started fast

Want to learn robots and ROS right now? Check out some of our software, its as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Download

Download our Free Raspberry Pi 4 Image and boot it up. This is the same image as is on our production robots.

2. Try

Try our tutorials!

3. contribute

Contribute to our open source software projects.

Team: Helping those who build robots build them faster

We love building things. Members of our technical team have worked on everything from hubble to the
first Sun microsystems workstations. Most of of us, have been building robots for years, some of us decades and we
know what will make things faster for you.

But it isn’t just about the technology, we want to bring you a high quality robot at a terrific price, and so we have
on the team deep quality, design to cost and supply chain expertise. All this means that when you get your
robot you’ll be able to build what you want quickly.


Timeline For Ubiquity Robotics

JULY 2018

robots start shipping


2017 5th generation robot
developed Prepare for market release.


2016 4th generation robot
developed – Supply chain
developed – Design
perfected – Group featured
in the book: “The People Equation”


2015 3rd generation robot developed – Group
professionalizes and consolidates to a core
group of 20 people.


2014 Group featured in book “The Risk
Factor” Maker Faire Finalist – Group grows
to 300.


2013 Group featured in Make
Magazine Wins Coca-Cola Hackathon
Group grows to 200 – 2nd generation
robot development begins with
Chinese suppliers.


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